On any given night, there are at least 1,549 homeless men, women, and children in Tampa-Hillsborough County sleeping on the streets, behind buildings, in encampments, in cars, emergency shelters and transitional housing.

Our Mission

  The Guided Path Foundation works primarily with the homeless and unstably housed populations in Tampa-Hillsborough County Florida to provide access to healthcare, support services, and educational and employment opportunities with the intention of improving the health outcomes within this population.

Our Organization

Guided Path Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-for-profit organization committed to providing essential services to the Tampa Bay community. Our devotion to our community and organization has been highlighted through our strategic partnerships with other organizations and corporations that share our vision. 

We offer a wide array of services, including HIV testing and linkage to treatment and care, educational and prevention workshops, mental health counseling, linkage to support services, hot meals, a clothing closet, transportation, and career readiness training to ensure that they can better thrive on an individual, interpersonal, and professional setting

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